Is Pebble SDK Shipping?

Since learning about the Pebble almost a year ago, I knew it would be awesome.

I’m a runner and maintainer of RunPartner. Stats about runs are important to me. For years I used various Forerunner watches. But, Pebble would be better. I’ve written SDK’s for websites to work with the Garmin watches (github) but I couldn’t change the code on the Forerunner with any neat new ideas. As a software engineer, this is irksome. Yet, the Pebble promises the ability to create my own running watch AND to release it online to anyone to use. Awesome.

After much delay and ballyhooing the watch shipped on January 23rd this year. But where is the SDK? The SDK we were promised. The SDK that I plunked down $150 long ago for because of the myriad promises and claims that it would be available. No. No SDK for you. Well, some SDK for some folks, but an NDA for them.

On the forums much musing is ongoing, but no official missives from the Pebble officials since the single, solitary Dev Mailing List email in October. Radio silence.

Thus, I present the Pebble faithful (it is faith at this point) with an easier way to see if the SDK is out there. An official, unofficial source of SDK release status.


After keeping my satire site up for a few years, I’ve pulled the plug. I hope you enjoyed it.